Incident Management

A trained team to help you manage and respond to security incidents 24x7, explain the situation and prevent incidents from becoming breaches, easing the burden on your IT, HR and compliance teams.

Security Reporting

Clear and concise strategic reporting combined with detailed operational reporting enables you to know what's going on now, forecast future security problems and meet compliance requirements.

Security Forensics

Capture and preserve all security activities to find exactly what happened, whenever it happened, for policy compliance and fast, effective incident investigation.

Professional Services

A range of professional services from cyber security awareness programs, breach response and planning to ISO 27001 gap analysis and certification. Helping you ensure you’re fully prepared for the cyber-risks facing your organisation, protected to the best standards for your business and have someone there with you throughout your cyber security journey.


Cyber Security Monitoring

Cyber security monitoring tailored to your businesses to detect threats and anomalous behaviour on your IT systems and infrastructure, to help keep you operational.

Threat Intelligence

Millions of records of active, relevant intelligence, intelligence feeds, malware signatures and threat indicators provide insight and advanced threat discovery across our services.

Vulnerability Management

Assess and understand your system’s security through continuous vulnerability detection, attack simulation and penetration testing to identify weaknesses.

Security Integration

We integrate tools and listening devices with your security-related systems, leveraging existing information sources to improve incident detection and analysis.

Data Security

Employee Monitoring

Protect your business from data breaches from internal threats by comprehensively monitoring staff activities across your IT systems and identifying risky or unauthorised activities.

Data Monitoring

Monitor and control the flow of data to ensure confidential information stays within your organisation and preserve historic activities for policy compliance and forensic investigations.

Data Compliance

Identify sensitive and personally identifiable information across your IT systems to know where data is being stored and how it’s being used.

Darkweb Monitoring

Monitor and manage your digital risk across the visible and dark web to protect your business data, your personal details and your reputation

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